FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

We’re so happy you’ve decided to stop by and learn a little more about our process. We have compiled a list of the most common questions we’ve gotten over the last 10 years of building clubhouses. If you have an additional question that isn’t listed below, we’d love to hear it!

1. How do I contact Jonrie Designs?

We’re a Colorado local business that directly answers your calls. When you call it goes directly to Brie @ 719-203-2113. We strive to return phone calls within 24 business hours (M-F), however during our busy season it might take a bit longer. Another great & sometimes quicker way of getting in touch is via email at [email protected]

2. What areas do we service?

We are based out of Northern Black Forest near Monument, CO but currently build throughout the state of Colorado. There could be an additional ‘Travel Charge’ depending on your location of service.

3. How does the process work for securing services to build a Custom Built Set?

We work with each Customer differently depending on their status of shopping. Some call us and know exactly what they want and we’ve been able to book a set under 5 minutes. Other Customers take weeks to get their final design squared away. Either way, we’ll walk you through the process in whichever way you feel the most comfortable. You can send drawings, pictures, questions, etc along with details of what’s the most important to you via phone, email or text. Brie will work to get our design set up and booked on the calendar.

4. Does someone come out and take a look at our yard, give ideas or just say ‘Hi’?

95% of the builds we do, Jonathan never sees the property first. However, we do have 5% of our Customers that have an odd-shaped yard, questionable slope, need ideas or just want to meet one of the faces behind the builds, prior to install. Since this is not a requested service, we do charge a travel fee to have him come out and do an ‘on-site estimate’. If you choose to use our services within 30 days of the visit, a portion of that fee will be credited towards your final purchase price. Since our services book up fast in the Spring/Summer, an ‘on-site estimate’ is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed during our peak season.

5. How fast do you book up?

Our schedule ranges depending on the time of year. March-August is considered our peak clubhouse season. During this time, we book up 2 week – 2 months in advance. Each year it is different but tend to notice notice when our Colorado weather gets to be consistently warm, we tend to book up faster. During September – February, we do continue to build clubhouses but there usually isn’t much than 1-3 weeks wait-list.

6. What is required to get locked in on the wait list?

We do require 60% down & a signed contract to get you locked in our wait-list.

If you are unsure of your final build but want to get on the list, we require 60% of your estimated budget or average estimates. Depending on availability, this will give us time to get your final build details confirmed. Our suggestions are, if you know you want to use our services, make the initial payment to get your install date confirmed.

7. Are there any additional charges to the estimate prices?

We try to keep our estimate as inclusive as possible. However, there are rare times that some fees could be excluded.

Travel Charge: There could be an additional travel charge depending on your location and days needed to complete your build. This charge is included if noted “Installed in (your city)” on the estimate/contract. We try to include this charge if we’re aware of your location at the time the estimate was given.

Difficulty to Access the Build Location: This fee has several perimeters & may not be included in this description, but the easiest assumption is anything that is going to add additional time or difficultly towards the completion of the build. The most common are build distance from trailer (more than 150′ from trailer or 100′ from exterior outlet), hurdles in the yard (landscaping, trash, animal waste or any obstacles), parking distance/street only parking (usually in downtown areas) & extreme slope/obstacles to hand carry the materials & tools (rock landscaping, slope, trees, etc). Keep in mind that usually hundred and/or thousands of pounds of lumber have to be hand carried to your build location, so anything that will cause additional time could incur an additional fee.

Additional Leveling: We do include a standard leveling fee in all our estimates. However, there are the yards that do require additional leveling which we call ‘extreme leveling’. If the slope needs 6-10″ of leveling, there is an additional fee of $100 for 4 posts. If you have 6 posts, this fee is $175. Leveling over 10″ will be accessed at time of install with a higher ‘TBD’ additional charge.

Contract Changes: If any changes to the contract are made prior to or during install, there could be an additional charge. This charge rarely happens but they are clarified in the contract & consist of any other unexpected issues/changes from the contract.

8. What are the payment terms?

Our standard payment terms are 60% down and balance to be paid at arrival for the installation. We do offer interest fee financing, but the balance must be paid prior to installation.

9. What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept most forms of payments. Cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App & Credit Cards. Some of these options could have additional fees.

10. Do we assemble other Manufactures sets or add onto other existing sets?

Unfortunately, we do not assemble other Manufacturers sets. We are a Licensed & Insured Contractor that specializes in custom built clubhouses & swing sets. Due to safety, we do not add onto existing sets. However, we can build right up to your existing set.

11. How much space do I need to have a clubhouse built?

There needs to be a minimum of 6′ of clearance around the perimeter of the set. If you purchase a 4’x4′ clubhouse with an 8′ swing beam, the footprint of the set will be 4’+8’=12′ by 4′. This does not include anything other than the structure, entries & exits, etc.

12. What type of lumber do we use?

Our primary lumber that we use is Pressure Treated Lumber. We do offer Cedar built sets but a good guess on price is approximate double.

13. Do I need a level area?

No, we include standard leveling in all our builds. However, there could be additional costs at time o install if the slope is greater than 6″. Those details are listed above in “Are there any additional charges to the estimate prices?”

14. How many years will my children play on their clubhouse?

Each child is very different so we cannot guarantee how long your child(ren) will play on their set. However, we build to accommodate 2-13 years of age. We do suggest changing up the accessories for birthdays or holidays to help change it up over the years.

15. Are the sets able to be moved to a different home?

Yes! Our sets are build level so they can be moved to another yard. Depending on your former or new land, the swing beam might need to be adjusted as well. We have sold several clubhouse of our own and each has been moved differently. However, just remember that your set is ‘custom built’ so there are no instructions or kits to help with the disassemble/reassemble process. All warranties & liability are void on a clubhouse that has been moved after install.

16. Do you provide a moving service if we should move?

At this time, we do not offer this service. There are several options. 1) move the clubhouse 2) sell the clubhouse to another family & have us rebuild a new one. 3) Leave the clubhouse with for the new Home Owner & have us rebuild a new one. We also help advertise your set for people who all and ask if we have any used sets.

17. What type of ground surface should be used under the clubhouse?

We recommend a minimum of 6″ of playground mulch, pea gravel, sand or rubber mulch. Please install after the build is complete to avoid additional fees for having to move the ground cover during installation.

18. What is the maintenance needed for a set?

Like anything you put outside 365 days our of the year, it will show wear and tear and needs to be taken care of to assist with the aging process. At a minimum, we recommend applying a water-repellent on the set, once the wood has dried out. The best way to determine if it’s dried out will be to put water on the set. If it beads up than it’s not ready. If the water absorbs, it is ready to be protected. Regular maintenance will lengthen the life and durability of the set, maintain appearance & protect against splitting, bowing and checking.

19. What should I do to make sure the area is safe for my kids & friends?

The area needs to be inspected regularly to make sure the set is secure, safe & in good working function. Proper maintenance, good rules & constant supervision is required to assist with the safety on and around the set for children, adults & pets. We recommend that each Customer review the ‘Outdoor Home Playground Safety Checklist’ from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (cpsc.gov). Click here to see the full ‘Outdoor Home Playground Safety Handbook (link can change without notice).

20. What is the warranty on a set?

We offer a 30 day structural warranty, only caused by faulty craftsmanship on the set. With any type of wood product, unforeseen bowing, cracking splitting or twisting are unpredictable and might take place after the time of install. This is not covered under our warranty. After your warranty has expired, we do offer a service of coming back to your set and doing repairs & maintenance for a fee (travel charge plus materials/time needed). Accessories are warranted at the Manufactured terms, conditions & discretion. Please contact the Manufacturer direct for the warranty availability.

21. What type of wood protector should I use?

Most local hardware stores can make suggestions on the best way to protect your set.

22. What is the weight limit?

The clubhouses have not been officially weight rated but many sets have been tested with several average sized adults in them. The accessories do have weight limits, please contact Brie for the individual details depending on what accessories you have/want.

23. What previous Customers are saying about Jonrie Designs?

We have several different ways you can find other reviews on our services. 1) Find them on our website, here 2) Check out our A-Rated profile on Angieslist.com. 3) Check out our 5-star reviews on Facebook, Google or Yelp!